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Dial 0870 857 4000 & at the prompt dial the number in S.A. you want to call -
it's that easy!

Calls to 0870 857 4000 will be charged
at 13p per minute at all times, plus your phone provider's Access Charge.

Any day, any time, anywhere in South Africa
- to a landline or a mobile!
No registration, no credit cards & no hidden extras!
No messing about - all you need is your phone!

Don't forget - it's 00 for an international call, then 27 for South Africa, followed by the rest of the number you're calling (without the leading 0) e.g., 0027212332216.  Calls to our 0870 numbers will be billed by your usual phone provider and will be on your normal phone bill.

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 If you have any questions or need some help - please leave
a message for us on 0870 068 9166 and we'll call you back!

Calls to 0870 068 9166 will be charged at 5p per minute, plus your service provider's Access Charge.

If you'd like to call other countries - please click here

If you live in South Africa and would like a personal UK number so that your friends and family
can call you on it at our bargain rates -
please click here.

Rates are per minute and includes VAT. Call charging starts when you are connected to our service, so if the person you're calling is engaged or isn't in, please hang up promptly as your phone provider will charge you for your call to our service. Calls will be charged at the Service Charge rates displayed above, plus your service provider's per minute Access Charge. If you are in any doubt, please contact your service provider for further information.

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